Saturday, September 5, 2009


Recently i was reading something and come across the term My-crow-shaft. If you are open source user or in any ways like Linux, you will get what it is all about. And if you are using My-crow-shaft products that needs regular reboot and formatting you will know the type of products they come with. Crushing the competition is good but its not always desirable. You just cannot flex muscles and come with the dumb products.

I was using a search engine Bing : a copy kind of stuff and some odd things happens; guess what. A patrolling on the search you do, just to show that they care for us they says that this search is not ok!!!! In few tweaks on the same search it shows off its dumbness. So this is what expected isn't it? . Bing - Bingo. So a simple smart guy can beat it. So did it means that they cannot make something of their own !! Try on it and see how google is far better!!.

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