Wednesday, May 20, 2009

gOS a new look and feel for your pc/book

gOs is the new Linux-based platform that builds on top of Ubuntu and comes with built in Google apps like GMail, Google Maps, Google Docs, Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google Mail, Google Maps, Open Office 2.3, Rhythmbox, Xine player, Gimp, Firefox, Pidgin, Skype etc.

The Enlightenment theme and widget like feature on the sidebar make it more user friendly. It also includes Open office, gimp and thunderbird.

So may be due to this they have added g for google or may be for green as this OS is green.

Ubuntu has changed the way user look at linux. They have made it more user friendly but still when it come to user interface they had done nothing good. They have added the orange and different colors to the gnome default lookn nothing more. Look at LinuxMint a good user experience. Now the gOS with very rich user experience. It look more like MAC but still it pleased the end users. It shows almost all the new features of the Ubuntu with new finish looks.

One must give a try to this for a good interface

Go to gOS or direct to download page. One can also view the screen shot and features.