Friday, January 23, 2009

Configuring bzr for windows

Bazaar is distributed version control system. Launchpad is a place for hosting bazaar code. Bazaar and launchpad need ssh key pair to work on with. The use of ssh key pair that is private/public key pair safeguards against any kind of brute force attack.

Bazaar runs on Windows, GNU/Linux, UNIX and Mac OS, and requires only Python 2.4.

Generating key pair on windows :

1. Download bazaar from

2. Download PuttyGen and Pageant

3. Run PuttyGen it will show :

4. Click on generate and move mouse to generate randomness

5. Enter the keyphrase and save both key

So the pair of keys generated. This can be used on launchpad to register your key.

Generating key pair in linux

1. Open terminal

2. Run ssh-keygen -t rsa

3. When asked enter the file name for keys to be saved.

4. Enter password to protect you keys

5. File normally get saved in ~/.ssh/

This can be used as public key.

Registering key on Launchpad

Ii your ssh key page paste the public key and import and hence your pc is ready for launchpad work :)

In windows we need to run the pageant to load the key.