Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arrival of Andriod based Phones

Late but we have it in India too - Android based phone.

To put in simple words Android is the Open Handset Alliance's mobile software platform. Android platform opens up the opportunity for customers to customize their device with multiple mobile applications. Thats sounds good.

Airtel will be coming with HTC magic phone which will be Andriod based. Though its very late but still welcomed by many mobile lovers and developers.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Add-ons collection get new look

Mozilla Foundation add-ons offical page has received a makeover and it looks cool. New design new graphics a total new look. Now it shows number of items in each categories. On right top it shows add-ons download and add-ons in use.

A new feature or utiltiy called collection is rolled out. Collections a way to categorize ,mix ,match and mingle add-ons.

Creating a own collection is also easy. Giving name like "Ashish Web Collection" by selecting what add-ons i would like to put. It will thn be shown in directory and can be send to the freinds or a link in blog. The more people add it as favorite, the higer it will be ranked.

So what you r waiting for lets create our collections. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fedora 11: Reign Out

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora 11 continues the Fedora Project's tradition of the Four Foundation: Freedom, Friends, Features, First. Freedom represents dedication to free software and content.

Fedora as we all know is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project.

Whats new in the Fedora 11

1. Default ext4 filesystem.

2. 20 Second Startup

3. Latest Gnome, KDE and XFCE

4. Presto : A yum plugin that reduces bandwidth consumption drastically by downloading only binary differences between updates

5. Openchange for interoperability with Microsoft Exchange

6. Firefox 3.5 and Thunderbird 3 latest pre-releases are available

7. Python 2.6

8. Window Cross Compiler : Build and test full-featured Windows programs, from the comfort of the Fedora system, without needing to use Windows.

Helpful links

Download Fedora 11

Screenshot Fedora 11

Screencast Fedroa 11

Monday, June 8, 2009

FireFox 3.5 Beta Shiretoko

Shiretoko can u guess what it is. No but seems like some japnese name isnt'it . Yes its actually the name of Japanese National Park.

But firefox use it for code name. Firefox came with new version 3.5. The beta was relaesd for testing purpose the stable is yet to come. It is claimed as fastes firefox i.e twice as fast as firefox 3.0 and 10 time faster thn firefox 2.0. Amzing isn't it. Its named Shiretoko.

Download beta and test it your self its available in all flavours.

It was build on Mozilla Gecko 1.9.1 layout engine. It come with html 5 video support.

As far as the logo is converned it will be same with some changes in the look and feel like Shape of the tail will no longer be 2D. Some of the textures will be modified: soft fox, glossy earth etc..

So a tough competition betwreen chrome and firefox.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Chrome(ium) on Linux

Finally a much awaited browser chrome has been released for the linux and mac platforms too. Not the stable one but for the developer so that the feed back can be received. The name is chromium a open source project behind the google chrome. Being an open source full code with v8 is available for download.

There are many things that are missing in this early version rather the version for the developer. Like you tube video , privacy setting and some other features are missing in this developer unstable edition. But the point is that they have come with suah a nice look and feel for linux and mac also.

If you are not scared of the incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software go on and click one of following to run chromium on linux

1. 32 bit chromium
2. 64 bit chromium

The first look on ubuntu 9.04

Click on image for bigger and clear image

It looks pretty cool and much faster. All most all the things are working ok. I posted this blog using the chrome. Thanks google for a nice and much stable.

"Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Chrome up to date. " So it seems to be well planned so the user have not to bother about downloading and installing the new build.

So my experience .. its awesome cool and much stable too. Happy to see the google chrome on my ubuntu.

Firefox 3 and fonts issue in ubuntu

Sometimes Firefox does not display fonts properly and when the element was inspected it may have the style for fonts that say it to be rendered in arial or some other font. Its very annoying but it's the fact. The fact is we spend much of time on web reading the text so its the most important part of the web.

The best way is to install Microsoft fonts from synaptic or run this sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts in terminal.

Restart the browser. Now the output will be as desired

If you still have the problem in viewing the page and specific to the fonts the reason could be the permissions to the fonts files and directories. Check the permission in your .fonts folder in home directory. May be the read rights missing. Change it accordingly and bingo you fix the problem.

Enjoy the best browser :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

IBM developerworks Forum Live Abad

Today IBM developerworks organized a LIVE session at Hotel Pride, Abad. The topic or main agenda is "Leaverage power of web2.0".

The whole day session started at 10:00 in morning and ended at 5:30pm. As the name says the main agenda is on Web2.0 and how IBM does that. Of course the main highlight is to show the IBM Lotus Quickr and connections, websphere mashup. But still the session is very informative , interactive and effective.

Krunal Dureja, Depaak , Nilkanth Tripathi were the key note speakers in this session. They make the session more pleasing by their presentation and interaction skills.

Topics covered are Web 2.0, SOA , REST , WehSphere Mashups, Lotous Quickr, Lotous Connection with many live examples.

Project Zero for WebSphere sMashup : A development community for the smashup making it open developement rather we can say community development.

http://www.ibm.com/developerworks a place to search for technical queries. As the name suggests its for the developers. Registration is free and my developerwork is a great added feature to it allowing to create ones profile.

Crowd mostly the developers seems to be much interested and come up with many questions for making this forum , event a success.

Yes the goodies were distributed for the questions, quiz and un-conference. Unfortunately JAM could not be done due to shortage of time.

Overall a nice , knowledge sharing experience.

Thanks for organizing such events hope to see many more events.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Google Wave New way

Google wave is new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.

Google wave will provide the google documents, gmail in one window.

For more details visit http://wave.google.com/

A new search engine Bing

Microsoft too have fully jumped in search engine business with the launch of Bing. Still its beta as it logo contains Beta. But we can use all it features to use the this page and set English - United States as your default region. This will bring the new look rather full featured bing.

For instance the image of mountain and man which seems to be static in beta is interactive in full featured.

With Bing, you can save your search history on to a local folder inside Bing or to your Windows Skydrive account. Alternatively, you may send your search queries to a friend via email or publish them on your Facebook wall via Bing. You’ll need Silverlight to share queries in Bing.

Bing offers RSS feeds for their web search results that you can subscribe to inside any feed reader. Your browser should be able to auto-detect the RSS feed of Bing pages or you can append &format=rss to any Bing search URL and convert it into a feed.

Bing (and Live Search) supports a unique "contains" search operator that lets you find web pages that contain links to particular file types. For eg. To search document file or any other
type say statistical information contains:d0c. This will show all the pages with statistical information that have link to doc file.

Its said that it is decision engine!. It will help in finding thing on the basis of the previous searches. Adding of farecast feature that will tell whether the price will rise or fall. Ability to hover over a search result to see more information, without having to open a new link.

Try all this open Bing. Search anything you like. This will show the search results. Hover on the result a horizontal line with orange ball will appear on right side. Take mouse on that orange ball. It will load the data about the link with many option at the bottom of it.