Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Chrome(ium) on Linux

Finally a much awaited browser chrome has been released for the linux and mac platforms too. Not the stable one but for the developer so that the feed back can be received. The name is chromium a open source project behind the google chrome. Being an open source full code with v8 is available for download.

There are many things that are missing in this early version rather the version for the developer. Like you tube video , privacy setting and some other features are missing in this developer unstable edition. But the point is that they have come with suah a nice look and feel for linux and mac also.

If you are not scared of the incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software go on and click one of following to run chromium on linux

1. 32 bit chromium
2. 64 bit chromium

The first look on ubuntu 9.04

Click on image for bigger and clear image

It looks pretty cool and much faster. All most all the things are working ok. I posted this blog using the chrome. Thanks google for a nice and much stable.

"Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Chrome up to date. " So it seems to be well planned so the user have not to bother about downloading and installing the new build.

So my experience .. its awesome cool and much stable too. Happy to see the google chrome on my ubuntu.

Firefox 3 and fonts issue in ubuntu

Sometimes Firefox does not display fonts properly and when the element was inspected it may have the style for fonts that say it to be rendered in arial or some other font. Its very annoying but it's the fact. The fact is we spend much of time on web reading the text so its the most important part of the web.

The best way is to install Microsoft fonts from synaptic or run this sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts in terminal.

Restart the browser. Now the output will be as desired

If you still have the problem in viewing the page and specific to the fonts the reason could be the permissions to the fonts files and directories. Check the permission in your .fonts folder in home directory. May be the read rights missing. Change it accordingly and bingo you fix the problem.

Enjoy the best browser :)