Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creating own social network site

Now a days we can see the internet is flooding with the social network site. They have community blog and many more .

If you want to have a such site - a social networking site what will you do ? Will think of PHP and all. No need the come with a solution 2 mins and you are ready with your own social networking site. Isn't it amazing !!!!

Lets Start here Open the

Enter the name you wish to have for your network and the web address that will be suffix by ning. And click create and the next screen (below) will be thr for few details of yours

Fill and click the next. A mail will be send for the verification so give correct id ;)

Adjust the look and go on with next

Select the appearance and you are done .. BINGO !!! You have your own social networking site.

To see what i have made click

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