Monday, June 8, 2009

FireFox 3.5 Beta Shiretoko

Shiretoko can u guess what it is. No but seems like some japnese name isnt'it . Yes its actually the name of Japanese National Park.

But firefox use it for code name. Firefox came with new version 3.5. The beta was relaesd for testing purpose the stable is yet to come. It is claimed as fastes firefox i.e twice as fast as firefox 3.0 and 10 time faster thn firefox 2.0. Amzing isn't it. Its named Shiretoko.

Download beta and test it your self its available in all flavours.

It was build on Mozilla Gecko 1.9.1 layout engine. It come with html 5 video support.

As far as the logo is converned it will be same with some changes in the look and feel like Shape of the tail will no longer be 2D. Some of the textures will be modified: soft fox, glossy earth etc..

So a tough competition betwreen chrome and firefox.

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