Monday, April 28, 2008

Setting port forwarding for Torrent Client

Port forwarding is required for getting good download speed from torrent. To make sure port forwarding is ok with your torrent client find Test if port forwarded properly option in u r torrent client. Normally its under the speed test / speed guide.

If it is configured it says ok else say some error. In Azures client is shows in the status bar whether NAT is ok or fire walled.

Lets see how we can configure port forwarding. If u are using BSNL or any other connection open you configuration page.

1. Type in address bar of your browser which take you to your configuration page which look like

2. Go in to Advance option -> NAT

3. Click on Add. Give custom name say torrent

4. Give your server ip address (

5. In the port start and end column enter the port you find in speed guide of your torrent client. Save it

6. Reboot your modem and torrent client.

7. Speed test will be success on port and NAT will show ok in status bar.

Enjoy downloading torrent with good speed

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